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What you can expect

The result of treatment depends on a number of variables, e.g. structure, quality, colour and thickness of the hair at the donor site. The original hair thickness cannot be achieved with transplanted hair. After the transplant has been completed, the remaining hair can still fall out - in large quantities in some cases - depending on the genetic make-up of the person.

This is the kind of hairline you can expect.

Where can I get a state-of-the-art hair transplant or scalp reduction? Where can I get the latest type of wig or hair treatment?

These are the sorts of questions that most prospective clients ask when they come to Mathis Medical Marketing & Management GmbH. 

´With more than 25 years of experience, Erika A. Mathis, managing director of MMM&M, is able to provide you with competent and personal advice. As a prospective client you benefit from a comprehensive and professionally competent consultation.
After ascertaining your requirements, we prepare a written, non-binding treatment plan.

Successful hair transplantation begins with an accurate assessment of the quality, structure, density and colour of your hair. This is a vital prerequisite for a natural-looking result.

With appropriate and sensitive advice and post-treatment care, the prospective client attains a high degree of satisfaction.

With us absolute discretion is a matter of principle.

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Examples of results
before after  

slightly crinkly hair, averagely thick






slightly wavy hair, averagely thick
very wavy, very thick hair
slight wavy, medium fine hair












A natural hairline cannot be achieved unless the hairs are transplanted individually.
hairline, averagely thick
  hairline, averagely thick