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An important factor in our perception of beauty


The concept of beauty has existed since the beginning of mankind. Just as we perceive beauty in art or nature, we also recognize it in human physical characteristics. Those who would disregard beauty as irrelevant must also question all the other values, such as morality or fidelity, that mankind has developed.

Confidence is possibly the most important characteristic that a person can possess. It enables us to approach others openly and to talk and deal with them.

Cosmetic surgery can be very beneficial. It makes people look better and gives them self-confidence - but only if their wishes are realistic. It is wrong to regard cosmetic surgery merely as an expression of conceit and materialism. People who have undergone cosmetic surgery or are considering doing so are not necessarily vain and narcissistic. Very often their decision stems from a very different and much more modest wish.

They want to feel more at ease with themselves

The services we offer are designed explicitly to meet the requirements of these people. Successful hair transplantation and scalp reduction are impossible without expert consultancy, up-to-date treatment methods and sympathy based on years of experience.

Collaboration with distinguished surgeons

Thanks to our close collaboration with distinguished surgeons in hospitals in Switzerland and elsewhere we can respond specifically to your personal requirements. We believe that a combination of practical expertise in the various aspects of hair transplantation and scalp reduction is the only way to provide a professional service.

Mathis Medical Marketing & Management GmbH
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